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“Stop fidgeting Katerina. Anxiety doesn’t suit you.” Elijah admonished, walking around the car to stand next to the nervous brunette.

“He’s going to kill me,” she muttered, pure fear crossing her face as she looped her arm through his elbow.

“No he is not.”

“He never said the words – ‘I will not kill her’ – Elijah,” Katerina argued, forcefully tugging on his arm, “He’s going to decapitate me the second I walk through that door.”

“Niklaus’ ego is by far the biggest thing to grace this planet. He will not admit it. But he’s known where you have been for the past century, and he hasn’t made one attempt,” he assured her, “And when I proposed this reunion, he said nothing. He knows by now, that you go where I go. You need to calm down.”

“I’m scared,” she whispered, just as they reached the front porch, “I don’t think you understand how much that man scares me,” she added hastily, urging him to understand how terrified she was.

“I know, but I’m asking you to trust me. I won’t let anything happen to you,” he promised softly, dropping his hand to entwine his fingers with hers, squeezing them slightly, “Do you trust that?”

“Yes,” she said with a small sigh, knowing that there was no way to avoid this reunion that was bound to end in disaster.

Before he could reply, the door burst open and he was engulfed in a mop of golden. Never before had he seen his sister this cheery, or ever hear her yelp his name with such glee. Happy was an understatement for Rebekah’s state, as she hugged him tightly. Sighing into her embrace he pulled one arm around her, keeping his cool demeanor, despite being equally happy at seeing her. Katherine had stepped off to the side, as brother and sister reunited, the frown on her face clearly visible. Elijah was the only member of this doomed family she cared about, the rest of them could go drown in vervain for all she cared.

Rebekah disentangled herself with a happy sigh and turned to Katherine, her eyes immediately hardening as she spat, “Katherine.”

“Behave, Bekah,” Elijah chastised.

“Oh, I am Elijah. I haven’t killed her,” Rebekah smiled cruelly, “Yet.”

“You’re not the one I’m afraid of,” Katherine spit back.

“No that would be me,” a drawl sounded from inside the house, causing Katherine to gulp uncertainly and inch closer to Elijah.

“Niklaus,” Elijah stated, unperturbed by his brother’s menacing glare. Klaus only turned his gaze to his brother and nodded curtly, and then disappeared inside, but not before sparing her another hateful glare. Katherine couldn’t help but reflect on the difference between the siblings, and how Elijah treated them. Rebekah was still his baby sister, but Klaus was treated more as a business acquaintance than a brother. Yet no one other than her truly knew how much Klaus meant to Elijah.

“See, I told you.” Elijah bent low, his lips grazing against her ear and she couldn’t help the small smile that crept up on her.

It was like the invasion of the blondes in this house or something, because as soon as they stepped inside, another mop of blonde and bubbly and annoying was in their face.

“Hi! I’m so glad you two came.” Caroline said cheerily, positively shaking in her glee as she pulled Elijah into a hug, which he reciprocated awkwardly, before she flounced away. No literally, flounced.

She was as nervous as she had been in her whole life, and if it wasn’t for Elijah firm grasp on her hand under the table, she was sure she would have fled a long time back. She was in a room with people who she’d been running from for far too long, it unnerved her and if she didn’t love Elijah just so damn much, she would have never agreed to this charade. And as if this wasn’t enough, Kol swaggered in from the parlor, smirking at nothing in particular and took his seat next to Rebekah.

“Well, well, well, isn’t this interesting,” he chided, eyeing her curiously, and then turned his eyes to Elijah sitting opposite him and Klaus sitting next to Rebekah, “I’ve learnt a new word for the day. And it’s called; pussy-whipped. Which is what you two… OW!” he yelled out loud, when Caroline slammed the knife she was using to cut the meat through his hand. Rebekah sniggered under her breath, while Klaus looked downright proud. Even Elijah’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Yes, do behave Kol,” Klaus pressed, though an amused smile formed on his lips, “Or I can’t be held responsible for my actions.”

“I was wondering when the dagger threats would start,” Katherine blurted before she could control herself, and immediately startled when all eyes fell on her.

Klaus’ eyes, mirthful and playful just a minute ago, turned to slits as he sneered, “And what concern is that to you?”

“Niklaus…” Elijah began, feeling the need to intervene before his temperamental brother reacted on impulse.

“You’ve daggered Elijah once. And don’t think for a second that I’ll let you do it again,” she responded with striking confidence, puffing her chest and raising her chin, “That’s… why it’s of concern to me,” she trailed off lamely, suddenly conscious under the brunt of everyone’s gaze, especially Elijah’s pleasantly surprised one.

Her hand formed an iron grip on his in an instant; both fearing for a second that she had gone too far. But instead a wry smile curled around Klaus’ pursed lips as Caroline sat down next to him and slapped her hand on his, as if that would be enough to keep him from flying across the table and killing Katerina. But apparently it was, as Klaus did nothing but shake his head and down his glass of wine in one go.

“Well you’ll be happy to know,” Rebekah spoke, her voice carrying a tinge of hidden wonder as she apprised Katherine, “That we hid all the daggers. Well, all except one.”

“Which I’m keeping around in case this one gets too annoying.” Klaus quipped, waving a hand over to where Kol was prying the giant knife out of his hand. Undeterred by the death glare Kol sent his way, Klaus poured himself another generous amount before returning his curious gaze back to his brother.

“Well, even I can’t deny that,” Elijah mused, a ghost of a smile breaking out on the corner of his lips, “Kol does get a little annoying at times.”

Everyone laughed, even Katherine, who hid her smile by taking a generous sip of her drink, as Elijah’s fingers relaxed around her. It wasn’t much of a welcome, no words of endearment, or confidence. But she knew, that from this family, this was the best she could get.

They didn’t like her, yet for the sake of Elijah they would tolerate her. And if she was honest, that was the only reason she was here to begin with. Their mutual love for Elijah was all they had in common.

And for now, it was enough.

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